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Parking in Albany Airport: Everything You Need to Know

Taking off from Albany Airport but worried about where to leave your car? Don’t let parking become a pre-flight hassle. This comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets to Albany Airport parking, ensuring a smooth journey from arrival to take-off. Whether you’re seeking convenience, affordability, or long-term options, we’ve got you covered.

Short-Term Parking: Quick In, Quick Out

For those quick airport visits, Short-Term Parking offers the ultimate convenience. Located just steps from the terminal, it’s perfect for dropping off or picking up loved ones. No need to rush – the first 30 minutes are free!

  • First 30 minutes: FREE
  • Second 30 minutes: $2
  • Each additional 30 minutes: $1
  • Maximum per day: $24

Long-Term Parking: Extended Stays Made Easy

Planning a longer trip? Long-Term Parking provides an economical solution without compromising on convenience. Just a short walk from the terminal, it offers secure and spacious parking with 24/7 access, so you can enjoy your travels with peace of mind.

  • First hour: $2
  • Each additional hour: $1
  • Maximum per day: $10

Economy Parking: Budget-Friendly Choice

For the cost-conscious traveler, the Economy E-Lot is the perfect answer. Located southeast of the airport, it offers the most affordable rates with convenient shuttle service directly to the terminal.

  • First hour: $2
  • Every next hour: $1
  • Maximum per day: $6

Valet Parking: Luxury and Convenience Combined

Indulge in the ultimate airport parking experience with Albany Park Ride & Fly’s valet service. Located just one mile from the airport, their secure and well-lit facility offers 24/7 shuttle service, luggage assistance, and even complimentary battery jumps and tire inflation. Enjoy the luxury of curb-to-curb service and a pre-warmed car during winter months.

  • Daily rate: $10.60 (online booking)

Garage Parking: Covered and Convenient

The airport’s parking garages offer covered parking on multiple levels, with charging stations available at no extra cost. Choose from the North or South Garage for easy access to the terminal and added protection from the elements.

  • Each hour: $2
  • Maximum per day: $14

Accessible Parking: Convenient Options for All

Albany Airport provides designated accessible parking spaces in all lots and garages, ensuring a hassle-free experience for travelers with disabilities. These spaces are available for vehicles displaying a valid handicapped license plate or placard.

Planning Your Parking

Navigating parking availability at Albany Airport can be influenced by peak travel times and days. Understanding these patterns can help you plan your trip more efficiently and secure parking with ease.

Peak travel times Best times for parking Tips
Weekday mornings and evenings, Fridays, and Sundays can be busy Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and weekend mornings before 10:00 AM offer greater availability Arrive early, use parking apps for real-time updates, consider off-site options, and book valet parking in advance

Parking Information at Your Fingertips

For any questions regarding parking availability, rates, or services, simply call (518) 242-2277. Get the information you need for a stress-free parking experience at Albany Airport.

Fly with ease knowing your car is in good hands. Choose the parking option that best suits your needs and enjoy a smooth journey from start to finish.