The main terminal

Albany international airport has a main terminal divided into two levels: Level 1: In includes the main check-in area, baggage claim, taxi services, or car rentals. Level 1 divided between Arrival and Departures with information counter in the center.

Concerning, Level 2, this level includes a public waiting area. Level 2 houses different shops, a business center is next to Paradies shops. The scale has a full-service wine bar and casual dining restaurant offers.

Level 3 has a military courtesy room, art gallery, conference room, and public observation area. The 3-level terminal at ALB international airport has recently upgraded, and it offers TSA pre-check, meeting rooms, WiFi access, exchange, and ATMs; also, the garage provides electric car charging.

The Albany international airport has three concourses. Concourse A, Concourse B, and Concourse C.

The departure area has check-in counters for United, Delta, and U.S., Southwest airways. The Arrivals area hs baggage claim carousels, ATM, rental car counters, Travelex currency exchange, taxi stand, and also airport shuttle pick-up.



Transportation at Albany International airport.


Transfer Service at Albany International Airport.

Car rentals

Car rental office at Albany International airport, and the best companies near the airport.

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